Happy Mothers Day!

I had several ideas for my first post on this new blog. However, this morning I realized that a blog about my home has to start with what makes my home so perfect to me. First, the Lord makes my home special because every good and perfect gift is from above (James 1:7). Those good and perfect things aren’t things at all–which leads me to the second. 

My Husband. My kinsman redeemer. My best friend. My every day, all day, reminder of God’s love. My reason to smile and wonder why God is so good to me to give me this wonderful companion for life. The father of my children, who are the third reason. 

Those kids are just like sunshine for my soul. They fill my house, my home, with laughter and love. And artwork, clay figures, games, and controllers. (I just edited that last sentence to add the Oxford comma. It’s just how I roll.) 

So, as I go forward writing here, I hope you understand the who and the why behind my attempts to make our house the simple, cozy, happy reflection of the family inside. 

It’s good to be home.