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Towards Peace and Purpose, the Cleaning Edition

Just a few days ago, I was barefoot on this beach in Florida:

Now I am shivering in the north as a blanket of snow falls. Other than being cold, I am happy to be home. I walked in the front door after being gone for over a week, and I felt like my house hugged me.


Such a beautiful word!

We left the house relatively clean and straightened up, but the luggage from five people plus two carsick doggies took a toll immediately. I knew that for peace and purpose to happen this year, there were things (unpacking, laundry, etc) that had to be dealt with ASAP. Two days later, I’m still working on this, but there’s progress!

I just began re-reading Katie Berry’s 30 Days to a Clean and Organized House. I like this book. It is like FlyLady without all the purple puddles. There’s no hand-holding in this book, just a good, detailed way to get my rear in gear and get things done.

I do think this book is geared toward the stay-at-home set initially because it is intense if your house is currently a mess, but it could work for other families if the daily tasks are divvied up among the household members. It could also work if the initial 30 days were spread out over two months. Let’s face it. If your house is a mess right now, any progress, even slow progress is good. Yikes! Remind me to apply that principle to dieting! And life in general!

As a recovering procrastinator and slob, the most important thing for me to keep in mind is that after doing this for a month (or however long it takes to get to baseline), MY HOUSE WILL BE CLEAN AND ORGANIZED. Instead of taking an hour to clean the bathroom (whistles innocently), it will take me less than five minutes. Now that is a goal I’m looking forward to!

Progress. Peace. Purpose.

It’s good to be home.

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