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When Everything Is Your Favorite

If you ask me what my favorite color is, I’ll say, “Yes!”

If you ask me my favorite style of decorating, I’ll say, “Cottage with a beachy, farmhouse, modern, mid-century twist of contemporary, vintage eclecticism in a minimal, maximum approach.” In other words, I pretty much love it all.

On one hand, my love of everything is wonderful. I see beauty everywhere. I could search for random color palettes on Pinterest for hours. I can see a beautiful pink room and swear I want everything in my house pink…until I see a pale green or teal or orange or blue room and say the same thing. That’s the dark side of this love of everything–decorating ADHD.

My theme for 2018 is Peace and Purpose. For my home, and a cure for my decorating ADHD, that needs to translate into focus and cohesiveness. Squirrel! Oh, sorry about that. Where were we? Focus. Cohesiveness. True story–as I was typing, I was thinking about the paint colors in my downstairs, and my thoughts turned to my kitchen cabinets, so I left this post to go search the web for cabinet refinishing. I have issues! Anyway. Focus. Cohesiveness. Take two. (Or is it three?)

In the last year, I began the process of focus and cohesion by painting most of the downstairs in Sherwin Williams Tidewater and Glimmer. (They are varying intensities of the same color.) Tidewater is a blue green that is both deep and soft. We’ve had a fairly gray winter so far, and I haven’t had a hint of the winter blues with this color on the walls. It’s a happy color!

For the foyer (above) I had Tidewater mixed at 50%. This gave me a shade right between Tidewater and its lightest counterpart, Glimmer. In the morning, this room is absolutely magical! This room then flows beautifully into the living room/dining room which are painted in Tidewater or into the kitchen which is painted in Glimmer.

Landing on this wall color was a big step toward peace and purpose for me.

1 thought on “When Everything Is Your Favorite”

  1. Absolutely love your paint colors!!! I have chosen the same and when I read your blog and you had the same I knew I was headed in right direction…..
    Beautiful choices!!


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